We are a weight loss center with a passion for health and wellness. We’re all about creating lifestyle changes. We don’t claim to be the quick fix, nor do we want to be. We focus on consistency and long-term results. We provide meal plans and exercise plans that are customized to the client’s preferences and delivered through an app that is accessed through your smart phone or tablet.
Our exercise plans come instructional videos that show the proper technique and form. It’s like having a personal trainer at your finger tips. We also provide coaching on an individual or group basis. Access to prescription Contrave, a weight loss medication used to help with cravings and hunger is optional. Client qualification is determined and monitored by a healthcare provider. Our programs are offered online through our virtual service.


Meet Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward is a Family Nurse Practitioner who holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree from St. Louis University and has been in practice for over 12 years. Over the years he has helped thousands of patients with obesity and diabetes reach their goals of a healthy weight and lower blood sugars. He has conducted research and published articles about diabetes. Dr. Ward is also a paid speaker in the area of diabetes.

He is passionate about helping clients lose weight and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Dr. Ward is committed to helping clients reach their goals, whether it’s losing weight or controlling their diabetes through weight loss, meal planning, and exercise. He is here to help you along your journey.

Kimberly McPherson

Kim is a Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist. She has been a weight loss coach for 3 years. Her passion is helping people lose weight while achieving a lifestyle change. She personally knows the struggles because she has dealt with obesity since she was twelve years old. Because of genetics and trauma Kim turned to food for comfort.

She created her own weight loss program and she and her husband have lost 250 pounds. Kim is taking what she has learned and is helping others achieve success. Her concept is focus on motivation, limiting dietary restrictions, and incorporating exercise designed around her client’s lifestyle and schedule. She personally understands and knows the struggle and is focused on her clients achieving success. Also, it’s not just about weight loss, she wants her clients happy, healthy, and whole.

Your Weight Loss Success is Our Mission


Experienced Practitioners

A 30-minute monthly virtual medical visit with a practitioner, who will take time to listen and address your concerns, which is more than the average time spent with a provider in a medical office setting.


Help With Hunger

Access to prescription Contrave, a weight loss medication used to help with cravings and hunger. This medication is optional and contingent on client qualification determined by the provider.


Easy Appointments

Planning an appointment then having the time to attend can be challenging in today’s world. With our program there is no wasted time waiting in line and checking in.


You Won't Get Sick

There is no sitting in a waiting area or an exam room for 45 minutes with the risk of exposure to other patients’ contagious illness.


Easy Appointments

No driving to an appointment. Your coaching is done over the phone and your program is delivered to you on an app accessible through your cell phone or tablet.


The Support You Need

Motivation and accountability coaching with each client weekly, three weeks each month. Have your coaching appointment before work, on your lunch break, or after you get off work.

You Are Not Alone On This Journey

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